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Train Your Amazon Listing to be More Profitable!

Our powerful set-and-forget platform allows you to determine which price point, images, title, and description make your listing the most money!

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What We Do

Increase Sales & Profitability

Use analytics to show you exactly how to create your listing to drive the optimum number of clicks, sessions, conversions, and sales!

Comprehensive Statistics

Access beautifully displayed, comprehensive graphs and statistics to quickly identify the most profitable options for each listing element.


Create your split test in minutes. Your campaign will run in the background and make you money with no extra effort on your part.

What is Listing Dojo

Listing Dojo is an intuitive Amazon listing split testing platform allowing you to test various elements of your listing to help optimize for sessions, sales, and/or profit. We allow you to test up to 7 variations of each of your listing's price, title, images, and description. We report how each tested variation improves/decreases clicks, sessions, conversions, units ordered, gross revenue, and net revenue.

In a nutshell, Listing Dojo allows you to learn how to increase your listing's profitability requiring no work after initial setup on your part. It's a no brainer!

How Listing Dojo Works

Select A Product

Choose a product you want to test to find opportunities to increase sales.

Choose The Element

Select between testing your listing's title, price, images, or description (you can add other listing elements to test later).

Enter Product Information

Add-in all the new listing information you want to test.

Make Money..

Listing Dojo will train your listing for maximum profitability. You’ll receive reports as each test finishes so you can analyze the data and implement your most profitable listing variations.

Why You NEED Listing Dojo

A different sentence, a better main image, different keywords... all of these, and more, could mean the difference between a good listing and a great listing that makes tons more money. This testing platform shows what works best for your listings. No more guessing.

What if:

  • Decreasing your price by a dollar or two could increase sales by 10-40%?
  • Changing your main image could increase sessions by 10-40%?
  • Increasing price by $10+ dollars would decrease sessions, but increase profitability?
  • Updating your title could increase keyword exposure leading to additional sales?
  • And so many more..

Split testing a variety of options for each listing element can answer all of these questions and more! Say hello to an increase in sales and profit!!

Why Listing Dojo is Awesome!

Increase Sales & Profit

Listing Dojo shows you with data tested certainty how to make the most money possible with your existing product and listing!


After initial setup, Listing Dojo runs autonomously helping you increase profitability with no work on your end.

Run During Promotions

Although we do not advise running giveaways during your Listing Dojo tests, our software filters out promotional sales to show differences in organic gross and net revenue.

Highly Illustrative Data

We present the data derived from your results in easy to read charts, helping you discern profit opportunities at just a glance.

Simple & Intuitive Design

Listing Dojo was designed to take a complex process and allow for ease of use and understanding by even the most novice users.

It Adds Up!

While the average increase varies, imagine you're able to improve sessions or conversion leading to an increase in your per day sales by a measly 2 units at a sale price of $15 each. That would increase revenue by $900 per month and $10,800 annually!

Stats on the Go

The Listing Dojo platform is mobile friendly allowing you to stay up to date by viewing your real-time stats even on the go!


Free and no credit card needed, how simple is that?


Up to 150 Active Campaigns

Comprehensive Graphs and Statistics

Complete Access to the Listing Dojo Platform

Passionate & Knowledgable Customer Service

Guaranteed Statistical Insight

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